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Jörg Hackstein

Lawyer and Partner

Curriculum Vitae

Jörg Hackstein studied law at the Ruhr-University of Bochum, has been working as a lawyer in self-employed practice since 1992 and has always been associated with the healthcare market.

Owing to his expertise in German Social Law and Social Insurance Law as well as in Labour and Employment Law, Jörg Hackstein spent from 1990 to 1996 as a lecturer on the above mentioned subjects in the new federal states of Germany before he committed himself altogether to responsibilities as a lawyer.

Before changing to Hartmann Lawyers in 2003, Jörg Hackstein was partner in a reputable law firm in Essen.

Apart from his in-depth understanding of the legal framework, Jörg Hackstein possesses thorough market and product knowledge. This combination renders him a much sought-after associate for discussions on both legal and strategic matters.

Jörg Hackstein regularly advises and represents numerous leading healthcare providers, producers, associations and insurants in the perplexing questions of the healthcare market. This includes, apart from the typical complexity of social legal matters, amongst others, out of the field of Health Insurance Law, cooperation, redress, prequalification, authorization to supply, contract law, competition law, company acquisition and public procurement law.

Jörg Hackstein publishes market-relevant articles in journals for the legal profession as well as in business journals for healthcare providers. He is a welcome guest as specialist advisor for producers, healthcare providers, associations and as speaker at various congresses.

Since November 2010, Jörg Hackstein has been Chairman of the international support association called rehaKIND. This registered association supports the optimization of the various medical care processes and the safeguarding of high but affordable quality standards in the supply of medical aids for children.

In addition to this, he works, within the context of a further education project in the field of medical aids, at the institute for nursing science at the private university Witten-Herdecke.

In 2010, he was appointed to be legal advisor of the BSP (German Society of Sleep Apnoea and Insomnia registered association). He is the Chairman of the Committee for Mediation and Disputes between Trainers and Trainees in the regional guild for orthopaedics technology in Hessen.

Languages: German, English

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Jörg Hackstein